Bond Touch Bracelets for Long-Distance Lovers

Posted: February 18, 2020
Bond Touch Bracelets for Long-Distance Lovers
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Bond Touch Bracelets are technically a pair of vibrators you and your lady or dude wear on your wrist, but the spin Bond Touch is giving their deconstructed sex toys is "bracelets that bring long-distance lovers closer than ever."

Uh, closer than Skype sex?

I doubt it.

Bond Touch Bracelets are designed to give one lover the sensation of being touched when the other lover touches the wearable's center bauble. The send-receive can happy from anywhere, and regardless of how far you and your Schmoopy are apart...as long as you both have a Bluetooth connection to an Android or iPhone smartphone, which should be kept within a 10' range for your bracelet, and itself maintain a stable WiFi or mobile data connection to the internet.

In addition to a "natural vibration that mimics your partner's touch," Bond Touch Bracelets also light up in the color of your choice every time your partner transmits the feels. Dudes, a pair of Bond Touch Bracelets might make a good gift for your girlfriend, especially if she's a quality time love language type of lady, but if you're on the hunt for her birthday or an anniversary, I personally think the Womanizer will serve you both much, much better in the long run.

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