Blowzee Fan for Blowing Out Birthday Candles

Posted: November 06, 2021
Blowzee Fan for Blowing Out Birthday Candles
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Nobody likes a birthday cake iced in spit. And now, nobody likes a birthday cake iced in COVID either. Blowzee, in response to kids with unruly saliva and a world with a persistent pandemic, has developed a fan for blowing out birthday candles. A dual battery- and lung-powered fan that captures flying spiticulates in a straw-like barrel as you blow into it.

Like the Top It Cake Shield, the Blowzee endeavors to make birthday cake consumption a little less germ-infested, but unlike the Top It Cake Shield, a clear box that puts your whole cake in quarantine, the Blowzee doesn't turn the big event into a big buzzkill. In fact, I'd argue using the Blowzee fan to blow out your candles makes the process even more fun. For kids and adults alike. Make a wish, and then make a giant gust of propeller-driven wind juiced up on a AAA* to extinguish every last candle on the cake. Weeee!

*Actually, I don't know what kind of battery the Blowzee uses, but I do know the birthday candle-blowin' fan comes with whatever it needs already installed.

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