Atmos Air-Purifying Face Mask

Posted: February 04, 2020
Atmos Air-Purifying Face Mask
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Ao Air hopes their forthcoming Atmos face mask will be - oh yeah - a breath of fresh air amidst a market of otherwise constricting, uncomfortable, and butt ugly wearable air purifiers. In addition to "a more human experience" wearing the face mask, the Brooklyn-based company also contends Atmos proprietary technology make it a superior product in action, providing up to 50 times more protection from lung-pollutin' particulates than other filter designs.

Ao Air built the Atmos with a transparent front panel, and removed the traditional seal around the mouth and nose. This gives the mask a less obtrusive and off-putting - albeit still noticeable, and futuristic - look for both the wearer and those they pass and interact with. PositivAirTM technology, a system that uses li-ion powered fans to create a positive pressure clean air environment, supports the design.

Ao Air's PositivAirTM allows clean air to circulate continuously out of the mask around the face. This one-way outflow creates a barrier that keeps unfiltered outside air out. Standard face masks, by contrast, work on a negative pressure system that requires the wearer's lungs to pull polluted air into the mask's filters.

The Atmos has a prefilter for removing larger particulates and an active Nano-Filter for tiny ones as small as PM2.5 (98% effectiveness.) For scale, you can think of a PM2.5 particulate as something 3% the size of a human hair, or 1/8000 of an inch. Some examples of invaders that shall not pass the Atmos air force field: dust mites and their debris; carpet fibers; mold spores; cat and dog dander; pudding mix [?!]; legionella; auto emission particulates; and nebulizer droplets.

Atmos PositivAirTM fans adapt to their wearer's breathing to blow out up to 240l per minute of clean air. The mask's rechargeable Li-ion battery lasts for about 5 hours. Atmos face masks will come in 2 sizes, which should fit up to 95% of the population.

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