Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer

Posted: February 19, 2021
Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer
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The Smart Sticky Note Printer is one of Amazon's first Day 1 Editions concept products, Alexa-compatible gadgets the company is testing out LEGO Ideas-style*. That is, the Smart Sticky Note Printer is available as a pre-order to any dudes (and ladies) interested, and you'll only be charged if enough other dudes (and ladies) pre-order too. The cutoff for this round of Day 1 Editions is March 19, 2021, and at printing the Smart Sticky Note Printer had met 94% of its preorder goal.

So what is the Smart Sticky Note Printer? From your mouth, to Alexa's ears, to this little cube's non-ink and paper, it's a means of taking hands-free notes, creating shopping lists, even printing yourself a sudoku for the day. I say "non-ink" because the Smart Stick Note Printer is a thermal operator, so it never needs actual ink or toner to create your dicatations.

Those who preorder the printer will get it for $89.99; after the funding period, if it's successful, the price will go up to $114.99. The set will come with 1 yellow sticky paper roll, with additional rolls and colors available for separate purchase later on. You'll also need an Amazon Echo to use the Smart Sticky Note Printer, and one later than their 1st generation.

*I say LEGO Ideas-style rather than crowdfunding-style even though the process is similar because: 1) you'll only be charged for an Amazon Day 1 Editions product if its funding is successful, and the product is actually built and shipped; and 2) since it's Amazon and not a handful of college kids working in a garage and learning about the complexity of manufacturing stuff in China as they go, the likelihood of a successfully funded product getting built and shipped is 100%, as opposed to crowdfunding's, like, 20%.

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