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Posted: January 04, 2017
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You probably think FoodMarble's AIRE is redundant. You know exactly what your digestive tract turns into a room-clearing onslaught of the fartsies. Beans. Beer. Looking at a bag of Taco Bell. But do you know why these foods make you bloat, fart, and double over in pain? (Or, if you're a lucky SOB, why they don't?) And do you occasionally get struck down with gas and indigestion for seemingly no reason, say, after chewing a piece of sugarless gum?

Fart prediction is really only a happy side effect of the AIRE's intended use. The little square breath tester's umbrella function is to provide analytics on your digestive system's ability to process various compounds, and guide you towards the foods that are most compatible with it. It's a personal digestive tracker.

FoodMarble explains that when your body doesn't fully digest what you eat, much of it gets gassy in your gut. When the gas buildup reaches an unmanageable volume, you begin to feel the symptoms: bloating; discomfort; the hot 'n' stanky; maybe even diarrhea or constipation. Some of this gas also passes from your gut into your bloodstream and, when it hits the lungs, comes out with your breath. The AIRE operates like a breathalyzer, testing the quantity and components of your mouth gas.

Paired with a free Android and iOS app, the AIRE performs a FODMAP test. FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides, and Polyols, or the common types of food carbohydrates that ferment fast into gut gas. Some examples are fructose and lactose. Your results are shown as fermentation scores in red or green. The higher the score, the less you're able to absorb / digest that carb. At a glance, green scores give you the OK to chow down, and red scores fall into the get ready to sleep on the couch tonight zone.

Once you've gotten your FODMAP measurements the AIRE app will tell you how much of each is in the foods you eat, and give recommendations on what will suit your digestive system better. You can also use the app to track food intake, gas levels, stress levels, and sleep to further get a handle on your symptoms and get out of the cloud of air freshener everyone sprays in your face when walk into a room.

At printing, the AIRE digestive tracker was available for pre-order. FoodMarble anticipates beginning shipment in August / September 2017.

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