3D Clay Printer

Posted: June 07, 2023
$3,499 - $45,500
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3D Potter clay printers look to be almost as talented as the ghost of Patrick Swayze. On a technical level, 3D PotterBots might even be more talented, given that the industrial-grade version of the printers can 3D print cement, and build large-scale, functional tools and objects. But Swayze still ekes it out, because on an emotional and romantic level, no bot will ever compare to Sam and Molly at the potter's wheel.

3D Potter ceramic printers aren't the only of their kind, but they are the only of their kind that print using the direct extrusion of real clay. Others, they say, use a compressed air system printing method that requires a watered-down or alcohol-diluted clay material.

PotterBots come in a several different sizes and models, the most accessible for home potters and arts & crafters being the 3D PotterBot 10 Micro, shown above. It is 3D Potter's entry-level 3D ceramic printer, and, at 30" long x 21" wide x 28" tall, is sized to fit on a tabletop at home, or in a classroom. The PotterBot 10 Micro has a 1,000ml extruder with a build envelope of up to 1 foot.

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