Volkswagen Bus Cooler

Posted: May 05, 2020
Volkswagen Van Cooler
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While I wouldn't consider an actual classic Volkswagen bus the ultimate Dad car - leave that to the Subaru Outback - a classic Volkswagen bus cooler? On wheels so Dad can pull his beers just like his kid in a wagon? Oh hell yeah, Big D. Happy Father's Day.

The Board Masters Volkswagen Cool Box Cooler is a piece of official Volkswagen merchandise, built as a scale replica of the infamous VW T1 bus. I say "infamous" because every time I see one on the road it is invariably going 10 to 30 miles below the speed limit and is surrounded by a smoke cloud of equal parts exhaust and marijuana. Thankfully, the cooler version imparts only the good parts of the Volkswagen van: its sunny, nostalgic, iconic exterior aesthetic.

The Volkswagen cooler had a mid-gauge, anti-rest pressed steel construction, with internal insulation for keeping up to 30L of ice and drinks cold. The ice chest's handle is telescoping, and folds underneath the base of the van when not in use. Unlike the VW T1 vehicle, the VW T1 cooler is suitable for off-road use thanks to rugged rubber tires.

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