Viking Pizza Cutting Axe

Posted: February 12, 2022
Viking Pizza Cutting Axe
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Leave your enemies be, and hack up the ones you love with this Viking Pizza Cutting Axe. And by the ones you love, of course I mean the Sausage Supremes, the Margheritas, the Veggie Lovers, and the Pepperonis.

Handmade by Bilal Zahid, the Viking Pizza Cutting Axe comes with your choice of an English ash or rose wood shaft supporting an 8.7" 440 stainless steel blade. The blade also features carved runes - real ones, according to Zahid. From left to right they mean: (ride, journey, change); (leader, justice); (joy, success); (horse, motion, energy, power); (need, responsibility); (wealth, prosperity); (legacy, property, inheritance); (ride, journey, change); (gift, love, marriage); and (horse, motion, energy, power).

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