Thor's Hammer Water Bottle

Posted: June 15, 2021
Thor's Hammer Water Bottle

Thor's Hammer becomes TH2O's Hammer in this Thor's Hammer Water Bottle. Marvel fans, superhero fans, Norse mythology fans, Ragnorak on Netflix fans - prepare to get hammered. And by hammered, I mean hydrated.

Unfortunately, aside from looking relatively cool, I'm not sure how much the water bottle iteration of Mjolnir has going for it. It holds 1.7L of liquid, so enough to quench a godly thirst built up during a workout, hike, match, or pickup game, but what about its awkward shape? The term "orange on a toothpick" is coming to mind, So I Married an Axe Murderer fans. Except on the water bottle the orange is more like, what, a moldy brick of cheese?

The point is, the Thor's Hammer Water Bottle is not going to fit neatly in your backpack. Nor is taking a quick swig from it going to be a one-handed endeavor with the way the hammer has its weights and balances distributed. My sense is you better be the kind of cat who enjoys dribbling water down their chin and chest every time you drink too.

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