The Krak'in 2.0 - Shotgun Beer the Better Way

Posted: March 16, 2023
The Krak'in 2.0 - Shotgun Beer the Better Way
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Crack open a cold one, unleash the Kraken, and get the party started. Or, if you're lookin' to really tie one on, don't crack open the cold one, unleash the Krak'in, and turn the party into a rager. The Krak'in 2.0 is a beer shotgunning tool you can take anywhere, and pierce into any size can to make yourself an impromptu personal beer bong whenever the mood strikes.

The Krak'in 2.0 requires 3 simple steps to stir up the drunken debauchery: 1) Hook its lil' beak onto the bottom of your can; 2) punch its big beak into the side of the can; and 3) Chug. Chug, chug, chug, chugchugchugchug.

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