The Delightful Dunker for Cookies & Milk

Posted: February 15, 2021
The Delightful Dunker for Cookies & Milk
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The Delightful Dunker is delightful for dunking your Oreos, or other sandwich cookies, in milk. Right up until the bite when your teeth hit the Dunker's teeth and you end up with a 3D-printed plastic toothache.

Not that I'm dissuading any dude or lady whose favorite treat and pastime is dunking cookies in milk from trying out the The Delightful Dunker. I'd just remind you to exercise caution in your attack on the soaked biscuit and cream filling. Perhaps practice the gentle, gentle! method you require of your dog, or go for the bite-and-slide approach. Or, if The Delightful Dunker's vampire-lookin' picks are really making you nervous, try this Oreo dipper, which opts to gently cradle the perimeter of your cookie rather than pierce its soft center with a pair of fangs.

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