Taking Sides Couple's Snack Tray

Posted: November 03, 2021
Taking Sides Couple's Snack Tray
$85 - $135
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Yes, please, I want a Taking Sides Couple's Snack Tray. My wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power is always stealing my food. And my wine, beer, and cocktails when she invariably sucks hers down first.

Designed for "snacking soulmates" who don't want to share, the Taking Sides Couple's Snack Tray divvies up treats and drinks into the two sides of a carved American maple or cherrywood infinity symbol. Awww, infinity. The amount of time you will love one another...provided she doesn't eat one more of your damn french fries.

The curvy wood block gets curvier inside, with channels hollowed out to hold snacks around the tray's perimeter, and a glass at the two sides' respective centers. Couples who are especially protective of their edibles and potables, or those who just like seeing their names on things, also have the option of personalizing the snack tray.

In addition to being a beautiful and highly functional piece of food gear, the Taking Sides Couple's Snack Tray is also made in Vermont, just like Bernie's mittens.

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