Standing Mixer Shark Plane Decals

Posted: July 31, 2015
Standing Mixer Shark Plane Decals
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I know you've been looking everywhere for it and now I've found it for you: a way to pimp your KitchenAid. A kit that will make creating cookie dough and kneading bread in your standing mixer look manly and badass. This 30-strong set of decals will transform even the girliest of powder pink and magenta KitchenAids into lean, mean Flying Tiger machines.

The shark decals are inspired by circa 1942 Navy Shark planes popularized by the Flying Tigers, American volunteers who flew for the Chinese Air Force during WWII. Kits include exhaust, bullet holes, squadron stripes, pilot ID #154, and recognition for downing 3 x Zero Japanese Navy planes. Left and right pieces are mirror images, printed on 5 mil thick vinyl with a 5-year outdoor color durability ink process.

Decal vendor FlameKA notes a custom paint job of this magnitude would run at least $150 at a shop. A truly eye-opening comparison for the millions of us out there who were previously considering having our KitchenAids professionally decorated.

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