SquareOne Mini Keg

Posted: December 13, 2023
Square One Mini Keg
$289 - $325
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SquareOne, I haven't seen a brick as handsome as your Mini Keg since this time last year when I left Costco with a 20lb block of English Cheddar. I think I still have half of it in the freezer. I should thaw it out. Bet it would pair smashingly with 8 pints of Belgian ale served fresh from first pour to last from the SquareOne.

The only pressurized mini keg that's built (and hip to be) square, the SquareOne Mini Keg both prevents growlers of your favorite craft beer from going flat, and fits and dispenses easily right from your fridge. Or the cooler on your boat, your beach blanket, or your golf cart to eliminate the excess trash and extra cleanup of drinking from cans and bottles.

In addition to beloved brews, you can also fill the SquareOne Mini Keg with batch cocktails - it will hold over 20 servings.

The SquareOne sets up in a few seconds with standard mini keg tap hardware, and includes an adjustable regulator to set your desired pressure. Pressurization comes courtesy of 16 gram threaded cartridges, purchased separately, that can keep kegged beer fresh for up to 2 weeks.

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