Samurai Bottle Helmets

Posted: June 01, 2019
Samurai Bottle Helmets
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Tadayasu's Samurai Bottle Helmets kinda make me rethink calling my friends who drink only craft beer "fancy pants who put the 'micro' in microbrew." (Hey, I didn't say it was a good insult.) Because if they're fancy pants for sticking to small batch IPAs, what does that make the dudes who dress their bottles up as medieval Japanese soldiers?

Hoity toities who get off giving their beers (helmet) head?


Samurai obsessives with too much money?

At around $275 a pop for the beer bottle Edo armor, definitely at least the last one.

The context of the Samurai Bottle Helmets only gets better when you visit Tadayasu's website and see their tagline for the toppers: "Protecting your thoughts and feelings." Sweet. Glad I have that kabuto backup just in case refusing to talk about my thoughts and feelings doesn't work out for me.

Samurai Bottle Helmets come in 5 different warrior styles, all pimped out like real historical shoguns.

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