Oster Ironman Fitness Blender

Posted: March 28, 2015
Oster Ironman Fitness Blender

Not that I have any shame when it comes to drinking things straight from their containers - milk, OJ, tequila - but sometimes it's trickier to do that with my smoothies and milkshakes on account of the unwieldy and wide-mouthed blender container. Unless I want to drink half my choco-peanut butter protein blast through my nasal cavities and eye sockets, transfer of shake to glass has always been unavoidable. Until. Now.

Oster's Ironman blender doesn't just pulverize your fruits and powders and ice to delectable drinkability, it does so right inside a 20-ounce sport bottle primed for immediate lip contact and - even better! - car cup holder insertion. The blender's stainless steel blade screws into its container prior to filling, and then attaches to a base armed with a 250-watt motor. A one-touch blending button activates the pair, which are strong enough to crush ice and smoothify frozen fruit.

Once ready to drink, flip the bottle over to remove the blade, and replace it with the included drinking lid. The bottle itself features a slip-resistant rubber grip, an ergonomic design geared towards the athlete, and an integrated loop for carrying the bottle or attaching it to a backpack or bag.

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