LED Booze Bra

Posted: July 11, 2021
LED Booze Bra
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This LED Booze Bra from Liuyan Guo of Night Walker Art has many benefits. First, it will allow you to suck on random boobies without getting slapped and kneed in the groin. Well. Presuming you ask first and have permission.

Second, the LED Booze Bra will allow you to enjoy a nourishing sweet nectar produced by boobies without actually drinking breast milk. (Good news for those of you who aren't into drinking breast milk, at least. For those who are, dealing with the conundrum of where to find a willing breast, might I suggest Breast Milk Lollipops as an alternative.)

Third, the LED Booze Bra will get you wasted, dude! ... LED Booze Bra-wearing ladies, no filling those food-safe plastic cups with Truly or White Claw, 'eh?

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