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Posted: March 18, 2021
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In addition to my glory years of partying (i.e., any year prior to 2020) the Kong Bong makes me think of Sisqo's enduring lyrical masterpiece, "The Thong Song." A tweak here, a swap there, and it could become "The Kong Bong Song." For example:

It'll hit you like a truck, truck, truck
Drunk like what, what, what
All night long
Let me Kong that Bong

That's Song of the Summer material right there.

Under the motto, "Make the good times better," the Kong Bong is a combo can koozie and beer bong that transitions between the two in seconds. The insulating koozie holds beer cans, keeps 'em cold, and facilitates condensation-free polite sipping from the tab when business on the top is appropriate.

But when it's time to party on the bottom, the Kong Bong koozie's hard plastic construction lets it convert to a vessel that can also hold liquid on its own. A corrugated hose screws into the bottom of the koozie to serve as your chugging conduit and, once you've got the open end plugged with your thumb, pour up to 16 ounces of beer straight into the Kong Bong koozie. Then, prepare your pharynx.

The Kong Bong comes in 6 different party-ready colors, plus a special edition Kong Madness Beer Bong to help you celebrate the NCAA Tournament.

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