ICEY - No Ice, No Blender Homemade Frozen Drinks

Posted: September 15, 2020
$39 - $55
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I know frozen drink season is about over, but ICEY wants you to plan for next summer with their new no ice, no blender (and allegedly no mess) homemade frozen drink cup crowdfunding campaign. Those who pledge for the single-serve, self-contained automatic slushifiers should receive their ICEY in May 2021, just in time for what we can only hope will be a brighter, better...or at least less apocalyptic summer.

The ICEY is a fairly simple AA-battery-operated device that seeks to shrink bar-quality frozen drink machines down to the size of a 400mL cup. Like the Original Slush Mug I so loved as a small dude, ICEY eschews the heft and mess of blenders, as well as their drink-diluting ice requirements. But ICEY's frozen drinks appear to have a much smoother consistency than the Slush Mug, so you can suck your concoctions straight out of the ICEY freezing cup through an included wide straw, or pour them into sexier glassware.

ICEY also removes some of the elbow grease involved in creating your frozen drink, replacing the ol' spoon scrape with an ABS plastic blade that churns your liquid to semi-solid perfection. The process looks similar to larger commercial models', or home ice cream makers.

One big downside: you've got to plan ahead. The ICEY needs 90 minutes to spin your margarita, daiquiri, fruit juice, or chocolate milk into the slushy you're craving.

If you're interested in churning up single-serving frozen drinks next summer, get your ICEY pledge in by November 12, 2020.

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