IceCove 60-Quart Solar Cooler

Posted: April 08, 2022
IceCove 60-Quart Solar Cooler
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Now I thought the solar part of IceCove's 60-Quart Solar Cooler meant the 5V 1A solar panel on top took the place of ice, and powered some sort of internal system that would keep the cooler's contents cool. Freeing up all 60 quarts of the IceCove interior for my beer and sodies, and my wife's Blancs Sauvignon, Chenin, and Bordeaux. But no.

The cooler part of the IceCove cooler is just a regular old cooler, albeit with a Yeti's capacity to retain the ice you dump inside for up to 5 days. The solar panel on top simply converts and delivers its sun power to your chargeable devices, such as phones and tablets. So really, the IceCove 60-Quart Solar Cooler is just a similar product to the Coolest Cooler. Except, I guess, in that if you pay for an IceCove you'll actually receive it.


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