Hat Trick Breakfast Station

Posted: August 01, 2012
Hat Trick Breakfast Station with Toaster Oven, Egg Cooker & Coffee Pot
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Dorm rooms, office kitchenettes, and Manhattan apartments rejoice! The Hat Trick Breakfast Station combines three necessities of morningtime life--coffee, toast, and eggs--into one compact gadget no bigger than a standard toaster. The Appliance of Champions, as a testament to its title, can also cook bacon or sausage in the electric skillet nook on top--slip the meaty goodness into the toaster oven with a fried egg, an English muffin, and a slice of American and have yourself a power breakfast better than any drive-thru or Paula Deen especiale in town. Ahhh, I'm officially saying goodbye to makeshift meals of instant Nescafe, raw PopTarts, and the Beggin' Strips my roommate's girlfriend feeds to her Chihuahua, but swears are safe for human consumption.

The 3-in-1 guten morgan wonder measures 15.5" long x 9" tall x 8" deep, and includes a 2-cup coffee maker with built-in filter and warming plate, a toaster oven, and a frying pan. Timer components connect to both upper and lower heating elements.

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