Epare Pocket Wine Aerator

Posted: August 19, 2018
Epare Pocket Wine Aerator
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If you're going to the trouble of sneaking your wine into a game, festival, or continuing ed conference, may as well take the extra step of decanting it to fullest aromatic and flavor potential. The Pocket Wine Aerator is a battery operated travel tool that maker Epare says "will make a $10 bottle of wine taste like a $30 bottle in as little as 15 seconds."

It might be the most pretentious piece of EDC I've ever seen.

Unlike non-mechanized decanting, which can take hours to open up a bottle of wine, the zhuzzhing Pocket Wine Aerator gets fast and dirty about sending oxygen into your glass. Epare says it's better than a spout or fountain aerator because it works on the first go - no re-pouring to taste a difference necessary - plus has settings calibrated specifically for white, red, and Port wines.

The Pocket Aerator is obviously sized to fit into wannabe sommeliers' purses or jacket pockets, as well as to aerate glasses of wine one at a time. In addition to clandestine use at places you're not supposed to have your own booze, the Pocket Wine Aerator can help out in the open at restaurants, bars, picnics, or anywhere else you want to wear your wine snob flair proud.

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