eCool 3 Feet Under Cooler

Posted: May 30, 2014
eCool 3 Feet Under Cooler

All this cooler needs to keep beer cold is a shovel and 3 feet of ground. So, yeah. Throw one eCool in the bug out bag, Mama! Buried in the earth (and optionally also through a cut-out in wood decking or a concrete patio), the 44-1/2" eCool utilizes insulating subsurface temperatures to maintain up to 24 cans of beer or sodie chilled and pleasing to the sip. Its hand crank and rotating belt configuration requires no electricity for cooler use. I will say the gray lift-up cover, which looks like a LEGO Minifig head with a bottle cap hat, could use some aesthetic design improvement, but otherwise, wow. eCool has been appropriately named in more ways than one.

eCool coolers were developed by 4 dudes from Mors, a small island in northern Denmark, where they are still produced and assembled by hand. The men note their 26-pound units will distribute and hold the same cooled temperatures throughout the entire container thanks to their well-insulated top (LEGO head).

The eCool earth cooler is a top Dude Gift for Dad and Gift for the Garden pick.

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