Easy Kabob Maker - Perfect Tubes of Meat on a Stick

Posted: February 21, 2022
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Oooh, Easy Kabob Maker, talk about chopping a log. Laying a brick. Parking some bark. Pinching off the perfect piece of meat on a stick. (The perfect tube steak, I'd like to say, but that would be mixing lewd metaphors.)

The Easy Kabob Maker is a meat-spurting wonder that claims it can make all of your favorite skewered ground beef, lamb, pork, and chicken treats in seconds. Just stuff a wad of seasoned meat mixture into the hollow bottom of the Easy Kabob, and then slide in its tamper until you see the kabob's beginnings appear at the other end. Grab a metal or bamboo skewer and insert it in the small hole opposite the oozing meat, until a half-inch or so of the skewer pops through. Then fully depress the tamper, and behold kebob formation as the Easy Kabob Maker encloses the skewer in meat, and pulls the finished kebob the rest of the way through.

In addition to grilling, roasting, or pan-frying traditional shish kabobs, the Easy Kabob Maker can hook you up with the makings of Ham Doggers, breakfast sausages, and butt-plug-ready corn dogs.

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