Drive Stein - The Football Drinking Game Mug

Posted: November 30, 2016
Drive Stein - The Football Drinking Game Mug
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If you're not a big drinker, but want to play Drive Stein, just make sure you're a Rams fan that day, because according this football drinking game's simple rules, your downs come only with your team's first downs.

The 16-ounce Drive Stein condenses a football field's hundred yards into a mockup printed on the front of the glass. Game participants can choose to play head-to-head, drinking only when their team gets a first down, or in Overdrive Mode, chugging yardage during every offensive drive.

Gulping on first downs (Drive Stein likes to call them "thirst downs") in Head-to-Head Mode means taking a minimum of 10 yards if your team only just reaches the marker, and up to the rest of your glass for big runs and long passes. Beyond the minimum, you drink the number of yards gained in that drive. If the offense loses yards at any point, Drive Stein offers the optional rule of requiring that team's fans to top off their glasses. Players also drink the number of yards gained during kickoff, slurping it down to the 20 for a touchback, and going bottoms up for a TD on the return.

If your team's offense sucks and you don't want to spend the day pissed off and sober, go for Drive Stein's Overdrive Mode. Then you can ingest yardage no matter how many shitty plays they make. Fumble? Pick? Turnover on the down? Drink. Drink. Drink. Yardage is determined by the gravity of the infraction. So if Team A throws long from their own 20, and Team B intercepts it at the 20 on the other end...cheers to 60 yards of Bud Light Lime down the hatch to compensate.

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