Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Travel Bottle

Posted: June 28, 2016
Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Travel Bottle
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One of the benefits of cold brewed coffee is that it won't make you sweat your balls off any harder than you already are this summer. I hear another is that the slow, heatless brewing process eliminates some of the "bite"--the acid and the bitterness--regular coffee develops during percolation.

That said, I had a cup of cold brew the other day that tasted like fat old St. Bernard farts, but it was from a hipster Seattle coffee shop, not EZE's Cold Coffee Maker bottle.

The EZE Cold Coffee Maker has the dual benefits of slow-permeating 28 ounces of water with your favorite ground coffee (or tea, fruits, or anything else you want to infuse) and serving as a to-go cup for consuming the results. The bottles leakproof lid makes it safe for car travel, plus locks in the coffee flavor so you can store your cold brew in the fridge and still enjoy it a few days later. Presumably without it tasting like fat old St. Bernard farts.

To brew, add ground coffee to the EZE Maker's removable filter compartment, and water to the bottle. Lock the lid in place, give it a shake, and then place it in the refrigerator overnight, or for at least 8 hours. That be it. Go to bed. Dream of ice cold, smooooth caffeine trickling down your throat. Wake up marginally less irritated at the alarm. Grab a shower, grab your bag, grab your cold brew, and go.

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