Coffee Pot Mug

Posted: August 12, 2019
Coffee Pot Mug
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Hey, this mini coffee pot mug looks like what I want to do with the full-size coffee pot every morning! Called the Cupa Joe, Barbuzzo's shrunken version of the classic brewer's vessel is a spot-on replica, with the exception of the mug's rim and lid. Instead of a pour spout and plastic lid contoured out at its opening, the Cupa Joe has two openings on its sides so both righties and lefties can hold the mug and take a sip.

The coffee pot markings on the Cupa Joe don't go all the way up to 96 ounces, but the mug is on the larger size with a 20-ounce capacity for coffee, plus hot tea, hot chocolate, or iced beverages. Sounds like a great gift for the office to me, especially when White Elephant and Secret Santa gift exchanges roll around.

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