Chug N' Plug Keychain Tool for Shotgunning Beer

Posted: March 24, 2019
Chug N' Plug Keychain Tool

Green Life Technologies calls its Chug N' Plug a "revolutionary tool" for shotgunning your beer. And earlier today I read about how a bottom-dispensing gas can was "revolutionary" from the makers of SureCan. So. Chugging a beer and refilling the tank on the lawnmower. That's where we're pouring our revolutionizing juices these days.

No wonder the eggheads want to colonize Mars.

The Chug N' Plug is a tiny tool that attaches to your keychain. It looks like a plastic house with a cylinder cover. The pointy roof end is the one you use to stab your beer can with, using the Chug N' Plug to puncture and push through aluminum wall, and making sure the 4 walls of the house are fully inserted and locked in place before you assume the shotgun position. Then...

Chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga, woot-woot!

Note: number of chugga chuggas associated with the Chug N' Plug are not related to the number that precedes "choo-choo." Here chugga chuggas will vary according throat capacity and gag reflex.

Chug N' Plug beer shotgunning tools come in 4 colors, black, yellow, green, and red.

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