AOZORA Mini Coffee Press

Posted: June 01, 2016
AOZORA Mini Coffee Press
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Your newest piece of EDC? A whole coffee maker. Don't sweat it, though, because this one from AOZORA is tiny. Small enough to slip in your pocket. Or latch onto your backpack. At only 6-1/2" long, the miniature coffee press could be the most portable and perpetual path to a fresh-brewed cup of caffeine you'll ever stuff and steep.

Sure there are instant granules and tea-like coffee bags, but AOZORA's mini press converts the fresh grounds you like best--be they your local roaster's or the Kroger brand's--into your morning spike of adrenaline.

To use the press, fill its barrel with ground beans and screw onto the plunger. Soak the barrel for 4 minutes in a mug filled with hot water. Remove and depress the plunger over your mug to squeeze out the last drops.

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