Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl

Posted: April 10, 2013
Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl

Miso Soup Design, bad move releasing photos of the Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl before you have actual Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowls to sell. Now everyone wants one, everyone is pestering you to buy one, and the bowls' target audience--lonely people--probably has nothing better to do than repeatedly click "Refresh" on your Facebook page, praying this next time will return an announcement of their release. OK, next time then. OK, 5 more times and on the 6th time....

Noodle basins' built-in iPhone docks are positioned on one end of the bowls for optimal viewing and sound amplification, and to turn eating alone into a sad, pathetic experience of the past. Unfortunately, they'll also stimulate a future of Ramen-and-fish-sauce-soaked iPhones. Better stock up on the Liquipel and Rhino Shields.

Miso Soup Design hopes to have Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl shipments available beginning April/May 2013, and will accept pre-orders and price inquiries at [email protected], or via Facebook message.

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