Alcove Laptop Case & Private Work Station

Posted: August 31, 2017
Alcove Laptop Case & Private Work Station
$89 - $129
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When Alcove isn't protecting your laptop from bumps and scuffs as a carrying case, it unfolds to protect your privacy and channel your focus as a mobile workstation.

Whether telecommuting, freelancing, or just screwing around on the internet at a coffee shop, many of us now use public spaces to do private work on our laptops and other devices. The Alcove pops up into a semblance of a physical office, an enclosed, private area similar to a carrel desk. And also horse blinders. That is, the Alcove both keeps others' eyes off your screen and, maybe more importantly, helps reduce distraction when you're surrounded by a lot of unrelated activity.

Alcove's pop-up side panels are designed to thwart external noise and concentrate sounds generated inside the walls, giving you some acoustic privacy on top of the visual blockage. Cases will come in black or gray, and wrap around laptops thin enough to slip into a messenger bag. A shoulder strap for solo carry will be included as well. You can optionally add a rechargeable light bar along the top of the Alcove.

Alcove plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign in the coming weeks. If you're interested in receiving more information about the mobile workstation you can sign up for notifications on the Alcove website.

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