Superhero Keyboard Skins

Posted: April 21, 2013
Superhero Keyboard Skins

Superheros and their nemeses covering the keys of my MacBook? Yahtzee! I mean, Shazam! Never before did I realize how boring and uninspired a black-and-white keyboard really is. Thank you, superhero skin genius Killer Duck, for opening my eyes and leading my escape of the minimalist monotony of Apple, Inc. Also, I like Zorro, so it's cool you subbed him in for Zatanna on the "Z" because you didn't want to take on the design requirements of a top hat. I'd rather have a life-size cutout than a 1/2" key in her likeness anyway.

Superhero/villain keyboard skins fit 13" and 15" MacBooks and most MacBook Airs. They won't block out the backlighting either. And they absolutely will make you the envy of all males of all ages in all parts of the world, and might also imbue into your typed compositions some of the powers of their namesakes. Probably not, but how cool would it be to hand your boss a quarterly report that cast a web around his head and plastered itself to his face? "You want to see your performance numbers? Here, take a closer look!" Shazam!

Muchas danke to Geekologie.

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