Lexon Peas USB Hub

Posted: May 22, 2022
Lexon Peas USB Hub
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Lexon made a USB Hub in honor of my favorite vegetable! OK, maybe my second favorite vegetable. If the Lexon Peas USB Hub had been the Lexon Green Beans USB Hub instead, I really would have shot my wad! But peas are an excellent source of nutritionally dense tastiness too, and their spherical shape does make the best choice for Lexon's design-friendly portable port hub.

Oh, and I know what you dudes are thinking, given the Peas in the USB Hub are connected by little segments of horizontal cord, and I agree. But I don't think Lexon Anal Beads USB Hub would have gone over so well with the Karens of the general public.

The Peas USB Hub comes with 4 ports, 2 x USB-C, and 2 x USB-A. You can use all 4 simultaneously if you want, and the Hub's flexible, lightweight design and rubberized finish make it easy to tuck into a bag, or store in a desk drawer when not in use. The Peas USB Hub comes in 5 colors, with green being the obvious choice.

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