3D Thor's Hammer Keyboard Keycap

Posted: July 24, 2020
Titanium Thor's Hammer Keyboard Keycap
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And when Mjolnir, hammer of the great Thor, comes crashing down, my document it will print! This 3D Thor's Hammer keyboard keycap is made of titanium and aluminum alloy, and backlit through the cracks of Mjolnir's crushing contact with the surface. It's pretty damn cool.

But it's also, well, a big honkin' keycap. If you want to add some Thor's Hammer flair to your mechanical keyboard, this particular take on it is really only suitable for seldom-used function keys, or maybe - and appropriately, given its association with The Avengers - the Escape key. Still, the Thor's Hammer Keycap would make a great gift for a geek.

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