OPKIXONE Wearable Video Cameras

Posted: February 15, 2019
$395 - $495
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Which came first, AirPods or the idea for the OPKIXONE wearable video cameras? That is, did the AirPod design give OPKIX the idea for their duo of mini recorders stored in a shiny white case, or did they already have the OPKIXONE's ultra-portable solution to capturing lifestyle footage on the fly in mind, but reached their A-ha! packaging moment after using Apple's AirPods?

OPKIX even seems to acknowledge, and jump in on the question, appropriately naming their cameras' holder the Egg.

For OPKIXONE, though, the Egg does more than just charge its little chicks. It's also a pocket-sized microcomputer that can hold up to 72 minutes of video storage. Use the dual cameras to record up to 15 minutes of continuous footage, and then slip them into their Egg holsters to transfer your cinematographic gold. The Egg will sync and transfer your videos to the OPKIX Studio App.

So what's with the pair of cameras? Different views and angles within the same recording, perhaps, but OPKIX also points out they give the person behind the camera the opportunity to be part of the scene or experience s/he's recording. You record what you see with one OPKIXONE video camera, while a friend, or a static setup somewhere, records you.

You can purchase OPKIXONE as a bundle with various accessories, such as a mounting ring, glasses, stick, and necklace, or the Egg and cameras alone.

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