BRIK - Pocket Knife in a Concrete Block Gift Box

Posted: November 15, 2019
BRIK - Pocket Knife in a Concrete Block Gift Box
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It's all smash 'n' score whether you're the recipient or the giver of a BRIK concrete block gift. With a BRIK, the packaging is half - maybe more - the fun, though those who take a BASH sledgehammer to their gift wrap will still be rewarded with a chewy center. Every BRIK comes with a pocket knife encased inside.

Itself packaged safely inside an interior box so you don't inadvertently crush it on your way in.

BRIK makers put together their gift bricks in batches, each containing one of a few different, very decent pocket knives. For example, Batch #3 had issues from Schrade, Smith & Wesson, M-Tech, Kershaw, and Tac-Force. In addition, each BRIK comes with an entry code you can punch in on the BRIK website to see if you're the batch's lucky winner of a second pocket knife, valued at $100+.

Dads, brothers, bros, groomsmen, boyfriends, if you need a gift for a man of any sort in your life, you're sure to crush it - right before they crush it - with a BRIK.

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