Barebones Edison Light Stick

Posted: January 02, 2023
Barebones Edison Light Stick
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Here's your first lightbulb moment of 2023, the Edison Light Stick from Barebones. Vintage-inspired and made of brass and copper, the company calls their outdoor lantern-flashlight combo a "completely unique collector's item." I'm not sure I'd go that far, but between its cylindrical shell and spiraling LED rope winding 'round the inside, the compact camping light is indeed totally tubular.

The Edison Light Stick and its flashlight end can cycle through 7 different lighting modes based on what type of illumination (i.e., night hikes or card games) or ambience (i.e., sexy time in the tent) you're looking for. The light is rechargeable via USB-to-wall, USB-to-portable-charger, and the Barebones-specific LI-ON battery that recharges internally. Use the lantern body for over 40 hours on the low setting, and up to 4.5 on high, and the flashlight for 70 hours on low / 7 hours on high.

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