Wilde Chicken Protein Chips

Posted: January 19, 2019
Wilde Chicken Protein Chips
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Chicken + buffalo + thin & crisp chip = Wilde! Made of chicken, flavored like buffalo (or barbecue, jalapeno, or salt & vinegar) and sliced and cooked into wavy, wafer-like rounds, Wilde Chicken Protein Chips are protein-packed healthy snacks fit for any King of the Munchies.

A combination of chicken bits, tapioca flour, coconut oil, and some seasonings that pound your tongue in a good way, Wilde Chicken Protein Chips are a grain- and gluten-free alternative to potato chips. They are also paleo- and keto-friendly, and pack 14 grams of protein into each 2.25-ounce bag (listed as 2 servings, 170 calories per).

Having tried and repeat-purchased the Barbecue, Jalapeno, and Sea Salt & Vinegar flavors (haven't seen the Buffalo ones at my grocery store yet) I think I'm more than qualified to review Wilde's Chicken Protein Chips, and this is what I think: they're not better than potato or corn chips per se, but if you can't or are trying not to eat those traditional snack devils for allergy or diet reasons, Chicken Chips are pretty damn good substitutes.

I don't love the Jalapeno chips - they taste like a ton of salt with a very slight kick, but no real flavor, to me. The Sea Salt & Vinegar and Barbecue are damn tasty though. The S&V has the saltiness of the Jalapeno, but balanced with the vinegar bite, and the Barbecue just taste like a well-coated BBQ potato chip.

Wilde seasons their Chicken Protein Chips heavy, possibly to mask the flavor of chip-ified meat, which still pokes through at times, in the form of that after-taste of cracklin's.True to their packaging's claims, Chicken Protein Chips are also very thing and crispy, the former quality often leading to a lot of broken chips and crumbles at the bottom of the (admittedly small) bag. It's cool with me though - I like sticking the corner in my mouth and dumping down the ground Chicken Chip bits just as much as I like plucking the intact ones off the top of a fresh-open bag.

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