IMWELL Roasted Sweet Potato Bars

Posted: April 07, 2022
IMWELL Roasted Sweet Potato Bars
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A sweet potato energy bar? Sounds yammy! I mean, yummy! I mean yammy and yummy!

Haha, sike. It just sounds weird.

IMWELL Roasted Sweet Potato Bars claim to be a popular healthy snack in South Korea, but, in rare a Carrie Bradshaw moment, I can't help but wonder: are IMWELL Roasted Sweet Potato Bars actually an unpopular healthy snack in South Korea, and that's why they are suddenly available, in bulk and with free Prime shipping, on our own shores? Who wants to try one and let me know?

Now I am a fan of roasted sweet potatoes. I also like sweet potato fries and sweet potato chips. I imagine I would even like sweet potatoes that haven't been fried, but just Ron-Popeil-dehydrated into crunch sticks. But Sweet Potato Bars? That appear to have the semi-hard / semi-soft texture of a penis whose Viagra is wearing off? Ummm, having one carries about the same appeal to me of having the semi-hard / semi-soft penis.

On the plus side, IMWELL's Roasted Sweet Potato Bars are rich in complex carbohydrates, antioxidants, and beta carotene. They are relatively low-calorie too, at 80 per bar. Not a lot of protein, but, back to the penis analogy, if you'd like a supplement to round out your macros for that, check out this semen cookbook.

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