High-Protein Bone Broth K-Cups

Posted: April 08, 2016
High-Protein Bone Broth K-Cups
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Beef. It's what's for...your morning cup of coffee. Healthy living champion LonoLife has put together a series of packable little K-cup soups and broths that brew quick & tasty in any compatible single-serve coffee maker. They're a nutritious snack for nourishment seekers on the go, at the desk, or on poor terms with their stovetop and microwave.

The LonoLife pods shown here contain the dry makin's of beef bone broth (they also make chicken), a low-calorie, high-protein slurper popularized by the paleo lifestyle. Each K-cup contains all-natural roasted bones, fresh vegetables, and herbs. They have no gluten, no added MSG, and no carbs, less an impressive 3 grams of fiber. Bone broth cups also pack in 10 grams of protein a pop and, according to LonoLife, are a good source of collagen and amino acids.

Brew your broth as you would your coffee in a Keurig machine or similar, and then toss the 100% recyclable used pod in the 100% recycling bin.

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