Red Feather Canned Butter from New Zealand

Posted: January 22, 2023
Red Feather Canned Butter from New Zealand
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Since New Zealand is better than anywhere else in the world, it stands to reason that butter from New Zealand is also better than butter from anywhere else in the world (no offense to Kerrygold). And lookee what we have here: Red Feather Butter from New Zealand.

Even better, this butter comes sealed up in a can, so it will basically last forever, and certainly for the length of time it takes to ship butter from New Zealand to America. In fact, its longevity makes Red Feather Butter as much of a choice addition to your emergency preparedness food stash and survival kits, as it is to your toast and shortbread cookies.

Red Feather Butter has been around for over 70 years, made by an Australian family company. The New Zealand cans come from cows that graze in "country paddocks of rich green grass," and probably enjoy views straight out of the Shire.

New Zealand's finest Red Feather Canned Butter obviously needs no refrigeration while sealed, but does need the appliance's cooling effects once it's been opened. Provided you can resist destroying the entire can, with a spoon if necessary, once you've cracked it.

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