NUDE Breath & Gut Mints

Posted: July 25, 2022
NUDE Breath Mints
$27.99 - $38.99
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Freshen your dry, acrid mouth, plus the churning belly action causing it, with NUDE Breath & Gut Mints. The dual-action pellets promise to relieve your body and its exhales of mask breath, coffee breath, odiferous food breath, dry mouth, and plain old halitosis for up to 3 hours a pop when you hold a mint in your mouth for 3 seconds to dissolve its outer shell, and then swallow the remaining capsule to let it get to work on your gut.

According to NUDE, this means "making your burps smell great."

NUDE Mints come in fruity and minty flavors, all keto-friendly with zero sugar or other carbs. No calories or gluten either. NUDE containers hold 30 mints apiece, and come in small, colorful bricks with 3D N-U-D-E letters inside that make them look like mini maze games.

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