Your Face on an Animal Cookie

Posted: July 12, 2015
Your Face on an Animal Cookie

You've had your face on a stamp. On a superhero action figure. Even on a super creepy mask worn by someone who is not you. But I think the best place of all for your face...uh, next to your head...is on an animal cookie. Not only is this medium edible, delicious, and addicting, but the philosophical discussions crunching on these custom cookies while high could generate about stuffing your face...with your face would probably result in life-changing enlightenment.

Parker's Crazy Cookies handles the transformation of flour, sugar, and non-hydrogenated palm oil into a low-sugar, low-fat, palm-sized version of you. Cookies are "printable" as people, pets, or logos/objects and typically sold in quantity, ranging in price from $0.85 to $5.99 apiece. To give you a sense of what a batch of Crazy Cookies will run you, a single face on a minimum bulk (not gift-bagged) purchase of 150 cookies was $127.50 at printing. Add that to a $25 design charge per unique face/object, and you have just over $150 in heads ready to be bitten off.

Parker's recommends Crazy Cookies for special events ranging from weddings and graduations to retirements and births. My favorite application is the photo of the elderly couple passing out "Eat Me" version of themselves for their 50th anniversary.

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