Pringles-Flavored Instant Ramen Noodles

Posted: October 08, 2018
Pringles-Flavored Instant Ramen Noodles
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Pringles-flavored instant ramen noodles are coming! And! And! Ramen-flavored Pringles potato chips are coming! In honor of Pringles' 50th anniversary and Super Cup's 30th anniversary, the brands have teamed up on a mashup of both of their products, in 2 different dorm-room-, bachelor-pad-, and office-break-room-ready forms.

Official release date is October 22, 2018. I wonder if we'll get some sweet footage of Julius Pringles slurping ramen through his mustache when the day comes.

Pringles Flavor Instant Noodles will come in a 10-pack of either Pringles Sour Cream and Onion Noodles (a yaki-soba fried noodles flavor) or Pringles Jalapeno and Onion Noodles (ramen style).

You can also choose from 2 different flavors of ramen-infused Pringles potato chips: Chicken Bone Soy Sauce; or Squid Fried Noodles. Wait, what? Squid Fried Noodles Pringles? Uh. That sounds sick, dude.

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