Jane's Brew Cannabis-Infused Coffee

Posted: October 08, 2015
Jane's Brew Cannabis-Infused Coffee

Down a cup of Jane's Brew and you'll feel the buzz, the clarity, the drive, the...sudden desire to eat a family-size bag of chips and take a nap. Jane calls her cannabis-infused coffee, available as pods, pod bags, or Instant Cappuccino!, your "discreet method to medicate." Though by "your" she means only California residents who are 21 and over and have a valid Prop 215 Doctor's Recommendation and are patient members of the House of Jane Collective. So all 10 of you, enjoy:

  • The "synergistic" combination of coffee and THC.
  • Your choice of caffeinated sativa/indica or CBD strains.
  • No stinky weed smell or taste (for better or worse).
  • Pain relief and relaxation without the "couch lock". Heh. In other words, uppers and downers unite!
  • Effects that begin within 15 minutes and last 3 to 5 hours.
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