Grow Your Own Escargot Kit

Posted: October 29, 2015
Grow Your Own Escargot
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Note: Converting them from snails to escargot is optional. You are welcome just to grow them and name them and keep them as snuggly (with a side of slime) pets. Otherwise: Attention kitchen magicians! If your bag of culinary tricks is missing something, I'm willing to bet that something is an indoor escargatoire. Yes, that is a real word. And here it represents the beauty and wonder of a terrarium-esque dome designed to serve as your personal, pico-sized snail nursery. Mmmm, slow food at its finest.

Though a Grow Your Own Escargot kit smells mildly of sea monkey quackery, vendor Firebox insists it is legit. The set includes a propagator, all required habitat infills, and complete instructions for rearing your own delicious delicacies. It even includes 6 baby snails and snail food, which ship after you get their crib assembled and cozy. Send off the kit's enclosed card, and 2 to 3 days later your kiddos will arrive. Four to 6 months after that they'll have grown to decision-making size. What'll it be, succulent dinner or lifelong companionship?

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