Ember Hangover Burner

Posted: July 07, 2013

Not that we should be rewarded for irresponsibly drinking to excess such that we need preventative steps to hangovers, but...Ember kind of rewards us for irresponsibly drinking to excess by way of serving as a preventative step to hangovers. Equally of note, I have had two occasions on which to try Ember myself, and I have to say, the contents of its 2-1/2-ounce vials don't taste like ass! My immediate reaction was that for a remedy, they taste pretty alright. Like, I didn't even have to dilute them with water or more of the vodka they were meant to be expunging from my system prior to swallowing.

Intended for consumption post-boozing and pre-passing out, Ember's caffeine-free blend of natural detoxifiers steers the body to burn through hangovers before they have an opportunity to take over. Ingredients include and function as follows:

  • Molybdenum. Assists in organ detoxification.
  • Milk thistle extract. Plant studies indicate it promotes liver health, and the extract works to cleans those muddied with alcohol.
  • N-Acetyl L-Cystein (NAC). Amino acid and powerful antioxidant that combs the body for and eliminates free radicals, including those released during nights of heavy drinking.
  • A full B-vitamin complex. Alcohol sucks these vitamins right out of the body, the effect of which blocks our ability to churn sugar into energy on a cellular level. The result, ketosis, forces the body to generate energy from fat, which stresses the liver and prompts dehydration--two key unpleasant symptoms of a hangover.
  • Prickly pear extract to decrease inflammation.
  • Ginger root to settle an acidic, uneasy stomach.

Ember administration is simple. 1) Drink alcohol. 2) Drink some more. 3) Call it a night--perhaps of your own accord, perhaps not. 3) Crack open a tube of Ember and take one last shot for the evening. 4) Pass out. 5) Dream of surfing the skies on strips of fruit leather with Kelly Brook, who seems to have turned into a midget. But is still hot. 6) Wake up rested, refreshed, and ready to rumble once more.

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