DIY Inside-Out Hard Boiled Eggs

Posted: February 06, 2015

The Golden Goose has already made famous man's power to scramble an egg in its shell, but what if you want to defy and blaspheme the chicken gods even further? Not only whip and muddle their dead fetuses around inside the shell, but actually invert their bodies and albumens before dropping them into a pot of boiling water? Japanese culinary genius (and supreme angerer of Yolko, God of Unborn Poultry) Yama Chaahan can show you how.

His YouTube video for Yolk-Back Eggs demonstrates the step-by-steps you'll need to take to make yourself some inside-out hard boiled goodness. Beware: the process looks long and laborious, and probably isn't worth the effort unless you're cooking competitively or trying to earn points with foodie friends. But the result is pretty damn cool, if for no other reason than it's super trippy to take in the complete opposite of what we expect to see when we peel back and cut open a hard boiled egg.

Muchas danke to Foodiggity.

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