Cards Against Humanity Fortune Cookies

Posted: August 30, 2016
Cards Against Humanity Fortune Cookies
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I like the fortunes that say things like, "Soon you will be sitting on top of the world," and "May you grow rich," followed by a series of lucky numbers that happen to coincide with those drawn during this week's Power Ball. I'll take an X-rated Fortune Cookie now and then too. As long as my girlfriend doesn't have a headache that night.

But OK Cookie Co.'s new boxes of fortune cookies might be the best ones yet...

...to leave anonymously on the desks and sneak into the Chinese carry-out bags of other people.

The self-proclaimed "horrible" fortune cookies are the latest mindgasm from the creators of Cards Against Humanity. So you know they're at least Level 6 to 8 Obnoxious. And funny. And perfect for the chick from HR who keeps asking me to try to be less defensive when I receive feedback. Oh, you think I'm defensive? Well I think you deserve a cookie:

"You are perfect just the way you are. Maybe a nose job."

Horrible fortune cookies come in boxes of 15, each stuffed with random predictions, advice, and words of wisdom from an a-hole.

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