Black Peanut Butter

Posted: April 16, 2015
Black Peanut Butter
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While I don't really know what's up with the price of Frolic's black peanut butter being quoted in Indonesian rupiah*, I do know what's up with its blackness. And it's not squid ink, medicinal charcoal, or blood infected with the zombie virus. In fact, it's the one thing on earth that could possibly make the novelty of gumming through a jet black PB and marshmallow fluff sandwich even more rewarding: Oreos.

Yes, dudes, Black Butter is peanut butter pulverized with crushed up Oreo cookies. For me this could be life-changing. I mean, if Frolic just suggested eating a peanut butter and Oreo sandwich, possibly one of the few PB & ____ combinations I have yet to try, I'd thank them very much, very much indeed, sir for the tip. But that they've taken the extra step of grinding up and seamlessly integrating the Oreos into the jar to create a single, Super Spread with crunchy bits from the nuts and cookie crumbs? A topping as suitable for my sliced bread and e-muffs as it is for my ice cream, cupcakes, and spoons removed from the utensil drawer when I arrive home at 3 in the morning jonesing for a snack to wash down all the whiskey I just drank? Once again, this could be life-changing.

Black Butter comes in an 8-ounce jar and contains peanuts, Oreo cookies, sea salt, and a small amount of soy oil blended in to smooth the spread's texture. Since Frolic products are all GMO-free, natural oil separation will occur; in other words, this is the stirring kind of nut butter. Frolic also has several other flavors on offer, including plain Smooth and Chunky, Peanut Butter & Jam (layers of homemade strawberry jam added to the jar), Kokoa and Dark Kokoa, French (espresso and white chocolate), and Matcha (grass green Matcha powder added).

*OK, it's not that big of a mystery. Frolic is based in and ships out of Indonesia, though you'd never guess this peanut butter comes from a foreign land while perusing its website of glorious photos, flawless copy, and products stuffed with American buzzwords, such as "organic", "antioxidants", "GMO-free", and "O-R-E-O". Also, thanks to the reader who pointed out that Indonesian currency is called rupiah, not rupees.

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